Social responsibility


The SÜDPACK Group is aware of its social responsibility as a global commercial and industrial company with sites and operations in a number of countries. We therefore follow the “Guidelines on Social Responsibility” and the ethical regulations for corporate governance provided in ISO 26000. We do not accept any discrimination in the company, resolutely punish any form of criminal offence and require our employees to observe the ethical regulations of corporate governance (compliance). To monitor and assess our social involvement, we are represented in the SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) and EcoVadis (Supplier Sustainability Ratings) forums. Moreover, SÜDPACK is a member of numerous international associations and organizations.

*Please refer to the Progress Report 2021 for current figures.





Active Memberships


In addition to the associations and organizations named, SÜDPACK is also a member of Fraunhofer IVV (Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging), ZLV (Cooperation Network for Food and Packaging Technology), DFTA (Flexo Printing Association) and OFI (Austrian Research Institute for Chemistry and Technology). SÜDPACK offers support for projects with staff, funding and the provision of samples and analyses.

For projects that require official approval, we proactively collaborate with local authorities of the city, the district administration and the regional council by involving them early on.

We openly and cooperatively support forthcoming visits by the regional council, the BG RCI (professional accident insurance for producers of raw materials and chemicals) and the veterinary inspection office as the food law supervisory authority. This also applies to visits and inspection rounds at our other sites.

Regional Involvement


Having our headquarters in Ochsenhausen means we are deeply rooted in Upper Swabia. We are committed to the people in the region and to our social responsibility.

Our strong ties to the region are not only underlined by the considerable investments made in our work­force and sites in recent years - these ties are also highlighted by our commitment to social causes locally. lt "truly is a matter that is dear to our hearts," emphasizes Carolin Grimbacher, Managing Partner of SÜDPACK. "We enjoy excellent conditions for our company here in Upper Swabia, for which we are very grateful. This is why it's important to us to give something back - which includes the targeted support of local projects and institutions."

Associations and projects from the fields of sport, culture and volunteer initiatives receive particular support from SÜDPACK. The focus of the support varies each year -even though the supreme objective always remains the same: namely strengthening the region. In the field of sports, the local sports clubs in Ochsenhausen and Reinstetten as well as the riding club in Ochsenhausen are very pleased by SÜDPACK's involvement. In the culture sphere, SÜDPACK decided to sponsor the Landesakademie Ochsenhausen music school. When it comes to volunteer initiatives, we support the volunteer fire departments of Ochsenhausen, Erlenmoos and Schwendi. Moreover, we also support Father Alfred Tönnis, known locally for his innovative social projects, in achieving of a range of his donation targets. The amount donated by SÜDPACK increases at a faster rate than turnover.