Sustainability Report 2020

Respect generates sustainability


For SÜDPACK, sustainability is an elementary component of our corporate strategy. lt is to our sustainable corporate governance that we also owe our success. This we perform by concentrating on the three pillars of sustainability: environment, economy and social responsibility. 

Our Sustainability Report 2020 is the third of its kind compiled by the SÜDPACK Group, which has its headquarters in Ochsenhausen. In our current Sustainability Report, the progress made in 2018 and 2019 in the fields of environment, economy and social responsibility is transparently communicated.



The report also presents new challenges as well as long-term and exemplary activities of the SÜDPACK Group. The report is based on the interna­ tionally recognized Sustainability Reporting Standards by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI Standards). The content was compiled in accordance with the "Core" option of the GRI Standards. Every two years, a new Sustainability Report is compiled voluntarily by SÜDPACK. This documentation is not an obligation for SÜDPACK - but sustainability certainly is.

“For SÜDPACK, our sustainability reporting is not only a voluntary commitment to provide maximum transparency for our stakeholders and employees, but above all a continuous process of optimization within our company and a key contribution to the advancement of an entire industry.

We can only face global challenges, such as climate change or developments in social interaction, when all those bearing responsibility in the industrial and social realms contribute to a holistic transformation and shoulder their responsibility.”

Erik Bouts