Sustainability Roadmap

The primary objective of SÜDPACK is to continuously reduce the use of resources in the production of our high-performance films and to constantly improve the recyclability of our materials. We have therefore launched an ambitious program to optimize our portfolio.

Our Roadmap

With the four action areas material reduction, recyclability, renewable raw materials and a circular economy, we have established a strategic framework for the expansion and improvement of our product portfolio with the aim of enhancing sustainability. For 2025, SÜDPACK has set itself the goal to generate
50 % of its turnover with products from the roadmap for sustainable film packaging. In 2019, the percentage had already reached 24 %.


Thinner films use less material and are lighter - which has a positive impact on the environment, for example in terms of transportation. Moreover, material that is saved from the beginning will not have to undergo a complex recycling process later on. This is why SÜDPACK has set itself the goal of making its packaging solutions ever thinner and lighter, thus making them more sustainable. With downgauging projects, it has been possible to significantly reduce film thickness yet maintain its functionality for variety of applications.

Renewable Raw Material:

By processing polymers from renewable raw materials such as sugar cane or corn, we are setting new standards in the field of sustainable film packaging. Moreover, with our new SÜDPACK Craft line, we offer a range of particularly high-quality composites on the basis of paper fiber-based materials.

Circular Economy:

The establishment of a circular economy for flexible packaging is an essential step towards achieving a more sustainable environment. With products in our R-Line, customers can purchase PET films with a variable amount of post-consumer recyclate and thus make a contribution to implementing closed loops for plastic. To this end, we only work with EFSA-listed and certified recycling companies.

For further development of a circular economy, the entire value chain needs to collaborate to find solutions together. This is already taking place, for example in the form of international initiatives such as CEFLEX or in cooperation projects, such as the ChemCycling™ project, which SÜDPACK is implementing in collaboration with BASF and other raw material producers.

Improved Recyclability:

Ensuring that films and packaging are recyclable is an important element for fulfilling the European strategy for plastics. To meet the requirements of our customers, trade and legislation in different countries with regard to recycling rates worldwide, we have adapted our range of products: The xPEP line includes films based on polyolefin and our Pure line includes films based on polypropylene. Despite these changes, customers and consumers do not have to give up any familiar functional packaging properties, such as peel-off solutions or resealing systems.

Recyclable Circulare economy Renewable raw material downgauging