Company Profile

The SÜDPACK Group was founded in 1964 by Alfred Remmele in Ochsenhausen in Baden-Württemberg. The first product our founder developed in his garage was already the answer to concrete questions and requirements of the market. This innovative spirit is still alive and well in the family-run company. With more than 1,400 employees and a current turnover of more than 450 million euros, the SÜDPACK Group is one of the leading manufacturers of coextruded films.

The SÜDPACK Group now has production facilities at seven sites around the world, as well as sales offices and agencies in 23 countries. 
This Sustainability Report covers the business premises that belong to SÜDPACK in Ochsenhausen, Erlenmoos, Schwendi and Erolzheim as well as the production sites SÜDPACK Bioggio SA in Switzerland and SÜDPACK Kłobuck Sp. z o.o. in Poland.

In the reporting year 2019, approximately 670 million square meters of film were manufactured at these sites, and 300 million of those square meters were printed. This accounts for roughly 95 % of the production volume of the SÜDPACK Group.

The films manufactured by the SÜDPACK Group protect food and medical products, thus ensuring that society has what it needs to survive, which is why the focus is on the protective function and hygiene of products.
In March 2020, Germany's Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture classified SÜDPACK as a systemically relevant supplier in the food supply chain.
We at SÜDPACK are enthusiastic about manufacturing innovative and highly refined films. With our films for packaging food, medical products and technical applications, we set standards. At the same time, it is highly relevant to us to minimize the environmental impact generated by the production and distribution of our products and to conserve resources in general.


Sustainability at SÜDPACK


Sustainability has always been a key component of our corporate strategy at SÜDPACK - and is taken into account by our Management in all decisions. Both the Sustainability Report and the Sustainability Committee play a key role in this respect. The Committee includes members with different roles in the company and calls for sustainable corporate development. This involves actions such as setting the course for pioneering projects from various departments in the organization, which contribute to SÜDPACK's sustainable orientation. The results of our sustainability-related activities are communicated in our Sustainability Report, which is periodically published every two years.



Governance Structure

The Management Board is formed by Managing Partner Carolin Grimbacher together with Erik Bouts and Tharcisse Carl. Partner Johannes Remmele withdrew from operational business at the end of 2019 and is now a member of the Advisory Board.
Company Management of the SÜDPACK Group during the reporting period includes the Management Board as well as those responsible for HR & IT, Sales, Quality Management, Finance and Engineering & Technical Services.

Scale of company


The growth of SÜDPACK is reflected not only in the increasing sales volume but also in the annually growing number of employees.


Number of Employees: