Occupational Safety and Health Protection


The occupational safety and health protection of our employees are of top priority in all of our activities, which is why we constantly work on their advanced development. Based on a risk analysis, all measures are implemented that have a lasting impact on reducing the number and severity of accidents at work and that actively contribute to the health protection of our employees through prevention. We therefore set new goals every year to reduce accidents at work and monitor these goals on a monthly basis.

Occupational Safety and Health Management System 

SÜDPACK has implemented an occupational safety and health management system and has been certified in accordance with OHSAS 18001 since 2012. In February and March 2021, the sites in Ochsenhausen and Bioggio will transition to ISO 45001. In April 2021, certification is to be carried out at the site in Kłobuck. Within the framework of transitioning to ISO 45001, we will further increase the involvement of employees in risk assessment and in potential measures for improvement.

To further enhance safety awareness, the accident rate at the Ochsenhausen site will be published on the intranet and therefore clearly communicated to all employees. The accompanying motto is: “I choose zero.”

Health management is additionally supported by cooperation with a company doctor, who is available to all employees. One aspect that plays an important role are the ergonomics of the industrial and commercial work-stations. In production, for example, special lifting aids are used or customized hearing protectors are made available to reduce the strain on employees. Work clothes are also custom tailored to fit our employees. We are gradually equipping office workstations with ergonomic chairs and height-adjustable tables. Moreover, a passage is included in the template of our employee performance reviews regarding occupational safety and preventive healthcare to preventively counteract potential causes of work-related absence. Occupational safety and health protection are also part of our e-learning program.

Occupational Safety at our locations

After a sharp increase in reportable accidents in 2018 at the site in Ochsenhausen, it was possible to bring the number back down by implementing measures to raise awareness (site visits, training, photo documentation, etc).
In this context, special note should be made of the encouragingly low number of reportable accidents at the Kłobuck production site. This highlights the importance occupational safety is given at this site. In an occupational safety competition held by the state labor inspectorate PIP (Państwowa Inspekcja Pracy), the site took second place in 2019 among medium-sized companies across the country.
At the site in Bioggio, the number of reportable on-the ­job accidents has remained stable. In 2019, more than 500 hours were invested in the education and training of employees regarding various aspects of occupational safety and health protection. The relevant organization SUVA (Swiss National Accident lnsurance Fund) is informed about every accident at work.


Safety Protection for External Providers


All subcontracted employees from external providers are trained by SÜDPACK before entering the company premises and are made aware of work-related dangers. In cases where work is conducted for longer periods time on the site, we regularly conduct safety checks. The risk assessments and documentation of these measures are monitored and constantly improved by the certified OHSAS 18001 management system.



Health Protection


As part of our operational health management, SÜDPACK has been running a special project at the Ochsenhausen site since 2017 to raise employee awareness about responsible and health-conscious behavior. To help employees start leading or get back to leading a more athletic and therefore healthier lifestyle, we offer special training with a personal trainer. For example, four to five employees have the opportunity to complete a joint endurance training course lasting three months and receive one-on-one training once a week. SÜDPACK has also established partnerships with fitness studios in the local area, which allows SÜDPACK employees to benefit from attractive discounts.