Our Materiality Matrix


In our materiality matrix, the core topics at SÜDPACK are displayed based on the needs of our stakeholders. The x-axis of the matrix presents the materiality for SÜDPACK and the y-axis the importance to our stakeholders. The underlying materiality analysis for the matrix is reviewed annually in the closed strategy meeting held by top management and is adjusted if required. lt is the basis for deriving relevant sustainability objectives. 
For instance, we take into account the development of our business segments, the risks and opportunities for our company group as well as changes in legislation and the requirements and needs of our stakeholders. The aspects that are relevant to SÜDPACK are selected using the methodology of the GRI.





Relevant aspects for SÜDPACK




The material aspects in the "Environment" sphere include projects to increase energy efficiency, reduce the environmental impacts of emissions and reduce the consumption of resources. This is also of key importance from an economic standpoint. The main focus is on the development and optimization of new products, both from the point of view of resource conservation and also in terms of their usability and the circular economy.

Furthermore, SÜDPACK supports various initiatives, such as the "Zero Granule Loss" initiative of the German Association for Plastics Packaging and Films (IK) and "CEFLEX" (A Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging).



In the "Social" sphere, we describe our activities to recruit and retain employees at our company locations.

We meet our social responsibility through ongoing training and professional development, and also through secure jobs. Social and societal involvement in the regions neighboring the company locations is of crucial importance to SÜDPACK. Local initiatives are supported for this reason and the company becomes firmly established in the local community as a result.



In the "Economy" sphere, we describe our investment projects, which primarily take account of innovation and increased productivity.