Training and professional development


The quality of our products and services is significantly influenced by the skills and expertise of our employees. Consequently, the training of our professional staff and senior management, as well as their development and advancement, is extremely important to SÜDPACK. Our long-term HR concept is guided by our corporate strategy, the current business situation and social megatrends, such as demographic change, diversity, individualization, mobility, health and education.


Employee qualifications

We systematically record our employees' qualifications in all areas in matrices. In annual performance reviews or on request, the advancement and professional development of employees is planned individually. These reviews also serve as the basis for planned knowledge transfer in cases when employees reach the age of retirement.
New employees become acquainted with their department and new tasks through comprehensive job training and onboarding.

Active Integration

Mustafa Almasri, who fled from Syria to Germany in December 2014, started his vocational training as an industrial clerk at SÜDPACK in 2017 and successfully completed his training with a good grade point average in July 2020.

After completing his training, Mr. Almasri was hired by SÜDPACK and now works in Internal Sales.

„When I fled to Germany in December 2014, I was 23 years old, couldn’t speak any German and everything was so unfamiliar to me. At SÜDPACK, I was given the opportunity to complete vocational training, and I took on the task with a high level of commitment and ambition. I was warmly welcomed by all of my colleagues, and my many questions were answered with a great deal of patience. I quickly felt a close connection with everyone and I am now a true „SÜDPACKER“. “


Education Partnerships and Cooperation 

The close contact with schools, colleges and institutions as well as an intensive dual training program ensure the development of the next generation of experts. The company maintains educational partnerships with the Realschulen in Ochsenhausen, Erolzheim and Schwendi, the Ochsenhausen Gymnasium, the Werkrealschule in Kirchdorf, the Gemeinschaftsschule in Ochsenhausen­-Reinstetten and the Abt-Hermann-Vogler-Schule in Rot an der Rot.

The company's academic future is safe­guarded through close partnerships with universities where bachelor's and master's courses are offered to students, such as by Stuttgart Media University (Packaging Technology), Kempten University of Applied Sciences (Packaging Technology), Technical University Munich (Food Technology) and Aalen University (Polymer Chemistry). SÜDPACK also trains students in dual study programs at the cooperative state universities in Stuttgart, Heidenheim, Ravensburg, Horb and the University of Applied Sciences in Kempten. Moreover, we offer our students the opportunity to participate in projects across all locations to gain experience abroad.

Education Fairs

Taking part in education fairs in Biberach, Ulm, Kempten and Memmingen strengthens the positive public image of the company. SÜDPACK also provides tips, for example about letters of application - and has proven to be a qualified point of contact for in-house school events and training for applicants. The success of these activities is also reflected by the large number of trainees and students, who make up around 10 % of the staff at the German sites.