Sustainability Progress Report 2021

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Progress Report for the year 2020.

To transparently and continually communicate the progress we have made in our sustainability activities, we are publishing a progress report for the first time this year that presents developments in our sustain­ability initiatives in the fields of environment, economy and social responsibility in 2020.

This report is based on the Sustainability Report published last year.
We also outline new developments in the market and provide information about the pioneering activities and initiatives of the SÜDPACK Group in 2020. This report, which is published on a voluntary basis, once again demonstrates SÜDPACK’s clear commit­ment to sustainability.

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Our sustainability activities

Get a quick overview of our groundbreaking sustainability initatives in 2020.



Our roadmap for sustainable film solutions

As part of our Sustainability Agenda, we are resolutely pushing ahead with the expansion of our product portfolio of sustainable film solutions.

The most intensive development work has been invested in our Pure Line, an innovative product family made of recyclable mono-materials.

In addition, our innovative SPQ (Sustainable Print Quality) technology significantly reduces the consumption of ink, solvents, production waste, and energy in flexo printing. As a result, SPQ improves the overall carbon footprint of package printing – and was honored with the German Packaging Award 2021.

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Material Loops

Material Loops -
The path to a circular economy

SÜDPACK is proactively committed to closing reusable material loops. Two important building blocks of this initiative are the development of a Competence Center for Compounding and Regranulation at the Schwendi site and our collaboration that started in September 2020 with Carboliq GmbH, a specialist in the field of resource recovery.

Their innovative plants and processes for chemical recycling are leading the way worldwide. The goal of the collaboration is to further develop the technology of chemical recycling in the field of flexible packaging and to firmly estab¬lish chemical recycling as a complementary recycling alternative in the market.

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Climate neutrality

On the path to climate neutrality

The reduction of our carbon footprint in one of SÜDPACK’s key medium-term goals. Which is why all product developments, construction measures, ini­tiatives and collaborative efforts aim to significantly improve our carbon footprint in order to make a vital contribution to sustainable development.

Over the long term, we are aiming to achieve climate neutrality at all of our sites. We are also working on the carbon footprint reduction of our film solutions and are developing a diversified set of measures for just that.

The project is being supported by ifu Hamburg GmbH.

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Occupational safety and health protection

The safety and health of our employees is of utmost importance to SÜDPACK. Even more – they are our obligation and also the foundation of our success.

To further increase employee awareness about occupational safety, we launched the Task Force “Occupational Safety” at SÜDPACK, which is composed of employees from different departments and functions.

Furthermore, at SÜDPACK, corporate responsibility and social involvement go hand in hand. And that includes major challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic. Right at the beginning of the corona crisis, for example, we set up remote work stations for all employees who could work from home, own test centers with specially recruited specialists at our production site, and an in-house "vaccination center" at our headquarters in Ochsenhausen.

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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Social Responsibility

SÜDPACK is a strong brand – and has been a strong provider of solutions for many decades in a highly competitive market. Our good reputation depends largely on the trust of our customers, business part­ners and suppliers as well as that of the public and official authorities.

And even as the company grows, we will maintain these principles. This is why based on its corporate policy and vision, the SÜDPACK Group has introduced a binding Code of Conduct with defined compliance rules. It gives employees a clear guide for their daily conduct. And it gives suppliers and customers a bind­ing promise that they can rely on.

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Key figures

Key figures for the year 2020

In the progress report, the key figures from our sustainability report with the reporting period 2018-2019 are continued for the year 2020.

The key figures represent our developments in the areas of economy, social and ecology.

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