Our Products


SÜDPACK has been producing high­ performance films for the packaging of food, non-food and medical products as well as technical applications for more than 50 years.

Product protection is the main task performed by packaging and our top priority. By using cutting-edge technology coupled with continuous and intensive development, we constantly strive to improve our solutions, which allows us to meet the ever-increasing demands relating to quality, functionality and environmental compatibility. 

The current discussion about plastics, latest jurisdiction and various customer requirements also necessitate different approaches for the development of sustainable film solutions.


To help our customers select suitable materials, SÜDPACK has developed a roadmap that displays the possible avenues for sustainable film packaging. In the roadmap, the fields of material reduction, recyclability, renewable raw materials and a circular economy play an important role. SÜDPACK offers its customers solutions from these four fields, making the company a pioneering partner in the development of sustainable packaging concepts